UNC Exchange Programs

The UNC Exchange Program (UNC-EP) was established by action of the Board of Governors in 1997.   As an entity under the Board of Governors of the University of north Carolina, UNC-EP establishes and facilitates the regular exchange of students between UNC institutions and overseas institutions that have entered into agreement with UNC-EP for the same purpose.   These exchanges are multi-institutional in nature and intent, and are meant to be complementary to bilateral exchagne agreements made by the individual campuses.

Through this program, UNC students can study at a number of international universities at a cost equal to that of an academic semester or year of study at a UNC campus. The UNC Exchange Program currently operates University-wide exchanges with UNC partner states or systems in Australia, Canada, Brazil, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Mexico and Uruguay and serves as the consortial liaison for programs available through the independent International Student Exchange Program.

UNC-EP's program office is currently housed at UNC Greensboro and operates under the direction of a Director who currently reports to the Interim Associate Provost for International Programs at UNC Greensboro.    The Director is assisted on policy matters by the UNC-EP Advisory Board which makes recommendations to the University Council on International Programs (UCIP).  Policy recommendations endorsed by the UCIP are taken under consideration by the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Authority on final policy decisions rests with the President of the University of North Carolina.