NC Legislative Building

The principal role of State Government Relations is to communicate with state government officials, the NC General Assembly, key legislative and government staff, third party advocates and other education groups about the priorities of the University and the Board of Governors.  State Government Relations also strives to improve the relationship between government officials and the University so that they may have a greater understanding of the value of the University of North Carolina to this state.
State Government Relations is made up of Drew MoretzVice President for Government Relations, and the Director of State Government Relations. They serve as General Administration's legislative liaison personnel to the NC General Assembly.


State Government Relations works directly with the campuses through the 16-member, chancellor appointed, State Relations Council (SRC). The SRC is active in the development of the University’s non-budget legislative agenda and assists in passing key pieces of legislation. They also aid in the legislative budget process by making contact with legislators and advocating for the Board of Governor’s priorities.


State Government Relations works year-round to improve the University’s interaction with legislators, develop relationships with key staff in the Governor’s office and the General Assembly and provide political guidance to the campuses.


The NC General Assembly is in session.  Thank you for your support of the University of North Carolina.