Overview of Campus Security Initiative

 President Thomas Ross announced the University’s establishment of the Campus Security Initiative in June 2013. Members participating in the UNC Campus Security Initiative will be assigned to one of three work groups, which will focus on the following:

  • Responding to Offenses Against Persons: The Responding to Offenses Against Persons work group will focus on the campus and system-level policies, procedures, and practices for responding to and addressing offenses against persons, with particular attention to sexual harassment and other offenses involving students and compliance with Title IX requirements.
  • Campus Public Safety: The Campus Public Safety work group will address the functions and procedures of campus police departments and campus public safety operations. The group will review procedures relating to the criminal investigative function, including receipt of reports and initial responses, collection, and safeguarding of evidence, presentation to prosecuting authorities, and treatment of crime victims. The work group will also address relations with the campus community and local law enforcement, needs for education and training, and resources needed by campuses to maintain highly effective law enforcement functions.
  • Security Reporting and Awareness: The Security Reporting and Awareness work group will focus on campus- and system-level policies, procedures, and practices for ensuring accurate and timely reporting of campus crime and security information, with particular focus on compliance with federal Clery Act requirements.

An advisory panel of subject-matter experts will also provide advice and information to the work groups.

Each work group is charged with evaluating current policies, reporting data, procedures, and practices on our campuses and at the system level. The work groups will then develop recommendations for system-level policies, regulations, guidelines, practices, compliance measures, tools, training, and procedures that, when implemented, will result in the most consistent and effective responses and awareness across each campus in the work group’s area of focus. The Campus Security Initiative will present recommendations to President Ross in the form of a single, written report in the spring of 2014.

Chancellor Randy Woodson, North Carolina State University, and Chancellor Harold Martin, North Carolina A&T State University, are co-chairs of the Campus Security Initiative.