General Administration Resources

Sub Agreements

Sub-agreements are the administrative mechanism by which funds are made available to collaborators for the purpose of completing a sponsored project. Sponsors must specifically approve the use of subcontractors to complete a sponsored project. The Director of Sponsored Programs will work with the Project Director during the New Award Meeting to coordinate the issuance of a sub-agreement. If subcontractors were not specifically requested in the contract or grant application, the Director will work with the Project Director to submit a Prior Approval Request to the sponsor.

The Director of Sponsored Programs will prepare or review sub-agreements only upon receipt of the following information from the Unit:

  •  Statement of Work
  • Budget and budget narrative
  • Technical requirements
  • Collaborating project director contact information
  • Any appendices not available in the primary award package

Once a sub-agreement is approved and executed, work units/departments are responsible for managing the subcontractor relationship. This includes monitoring project performance, monitoring expenditures and subcontract cost sharing for allowability and adherence to budget limits, and approving claims for reimbursement. Subcontractor cost-sharing must be certified by an appropriate authorizing official at the time of account close out.