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Time and Effort

The importance of timely and thoughtful certification of Time and Effort Reports cannot be stressed enough. UNC GA is mandated to maintain an auditable system for tracking time and effort charged directly or contributed to externally sponsored activities. The UNC Time and Effort Reporting System  is the only approved method of documenting effort of a project employee. Time and effort reporting is required to document both direct effort (charged to the contract or grant account) and cost sharing when the Project Director and other UNC GA employees spend a significant amount of time on sponsored projects that is not reimbursed by the sponsor.

The Director of Sponsored Programs works with the Project Director during the new award meeting to identify personnel who would be subject to Time and Effort reporting. Time and Effort reports are certified monthly. Additionally, the Sponsored Programs Office will conduct a final confirmation of Time and Effort at the time of account close-out.

Time and Effort Set Up/Change Form


(See Contract and Grant Procedure Statement 4.8.1 for information on T/E set up and certification)