General Administration Resources


  • Consultants are independent contractors and are not employees of UNC. Likewise, UNC employees cannot be paid as consultants.
  • Consult the sponsor guidelines to determine if a cap on consulting rates applies to your proposal.
  • Principle investigators must report and manage any conflicts on interest when hiring consultants to work on sponsored projects.
  • Consultants hired to work on contracts and grants are subject to all applicable UNC procedures relating to personnel services contracts.
  • Consultants are paid upon receipt of an invoice or statement approved by the PI.
  • Consulting fees are taxable and as such are subject to 1099 reporting. Total payments that do not exceed $600 will not be reported. Individuals desiring 1099s for amounts less than $600 should contact UNC General Administration’s Division of Finance.
  • In determining consulting fees for multi-year projects, an inflationary factor of 5% per project year is suggested but not mandatory.