General Administration Resources

Salaries and Wages

In determining how to include personnel costs in your budget, consider the following questions:

  1.  What positions or personnel resources are needed to complete this project?
  2. Are these positions currently available in this unit?
  3. Are the requested salaries within industry and geographical standards for the proposed job function?
  4.  Have positions been identified as professional or administrative staff in your budget?
  5. Do you plan to hire temporary assistance? If so, do you plan to employ an outside agency to find that assistance? 

Once you have determined what new positions, if any, your proposal will need to include, consider the following in determining this portion of the budget 

No extra compensation, beyond 100% of salary, may be paid from a sponsored program unless specifically identified and requested as such by the sponsor and approved by the UNC Division of Finance. Typically, as a portion of time and effort is supported by grant funds, the salary distribution changes accordingly so total compensation for the appointment never exceeds 100%. 

Use salary figures with an appropriate inflationary factor as of July 1 of each year thereafter. An inflationary factor of 5% per project year is suggested. 

Salaries and wages are generally expressed as a percentage of a full time equivalent position (e.g. a half time position would be expressed as 50%). 

To convert 12 month salaried employees to an hourly rate, divide the 12-month salary by 2,080 hours. 

EPA professional staff members are paid monthly and SPA administrative staff members are paid biweekly. Both types of positions are eligible for employer/employee provided contributions to retirement and health insurance. Information on including the costs of these benefits in your proposal in included in the “Fringe Benefits” portion of this site. 

Certain sponsors place caps or ceilings on PI salary or compensation. Consult the sponsor guidelines to determine if a cap applies to your proposal.