General Administration Resources

Review and Approval

As the first step of the pre-submission review process, the unit director reviews the proposal and approves the commitment of unit resources including staff time and effort. The unit director also reviews for conflict of interest on the part of professional staff and subcontractors, and reviews to ensure the proposal meets unit goals. The unit director should also work to ensure that the appropriate levels of support have been budgeted for local personnel. A set of internal review questions is provided for guidance in this first portion of the submission review process.

Next, the Director of Sponsored Programs reviews the proposal for regulatory compliance with relevant agency requirements and federal cost principles, as well as for regulatory compliance including use of human subjects. The Director of Sponsored Programs also reviews for the accuracy and adequacy of the budget and completeness of the budget justification, and for commitment of resources including time and effort. Finally the Director for Sponsored Programs obtains the UNC-GA Authorized Signatory signature on approved proposal documents.

The UNC Authorized Signatory provides institutional approval for regulatory compliance, representations and certifications made as part of the proposal, terms and conditions if included as part of the proposal package and any other documents requiring an authorized signature.

Proposal Submission Roles and Responsibilities

Internal Review Questions