RAMSeS (Research Administration Management System and electronic Submission) is UNC-GA’s official proposal tracking and award management system. It is used to create and manage the official University records for all sponsored projects. Each record contains both financial and compliance information necessary for submission as well as financial management once an award has been made.

RAMSeS training materials and campus-produced RAMSeS resources have been gathererd for campus Sponsored Programs Officers, and are available by following this link.


University of North Carolina Sponsored Programs Reporting Portal

The general public can access information on research and sponsored program awards to any University of North Carolina institution through this portal. In the portal, users can search for information by researcher, school, sponsor, or keyword. ARRA reports are also available for download, and additional information on ARRA funding in North Carolina is available through Recovery.gov.


2011 RAMSeS User Conference

On August 29, 2011, UNC-GA held the first ever RAMSeS User Conference.    The conference allowed representatives from each campus to share valuable information with each other on how to successfully integrate Sponsored Programs and Contracts and Grants with the use of RAMSeS.   Information was shared on data management, proposal and award processing, and WorkFlow. The archived video of the conference can be accessed by following this link. NOTE: Users may need to download Microsoft Silverlight in order to view the video.

RAMSeS Reporting PowerPoint provides basic information about the reports available in RAMSeS.

RAMSeS User Conference 2011 PowerPoint provides information on the changes with version 21, proposal and award administration, and how to get help when problems come up.

RAMSeS Support Documents

RAMSeS Generic User Manual can be edited and used on each campus as a training tool for PIs and Research Admins. It is designed to walk individuals through creating and submitting proposals and managing their awards. As RAMSeS evolves, this document will be updated.

 RAMSeS User Manual for the Admin Office is a manual focused on proposal and award processing. It includes the review and submission of proposals by the Sponsored Programs Office, the creation of awards, and other post award actions. This manual is still evolving and will be updated as changes are made.

Workflow describes how to use Workflow with RAMSeS.

Research Contacts describes what Research Contacts is used for and how to setup approvers.

Backbone Document provides information for managing personnel, departments and schools.

AIR  Activities, Interests, and Relationship Management System Powerpoint presentation

eRA Systems Update 2013 Powerpoint presentation