Electronic Research Administration (eRA)

With over $1B awarded annually for research and sponsored programs across the University of North Carolina, efficiency and accuracy in research administration is a must. UNC utilizes innovative and interactive tools to manage and report on proposals and awards. A suite of electronic research administration (eRA) tools, developed by the Office of Research Information Systems at UNC-Chapel Hill, is being implemented across the University, providing interactive modules that streamline information and processes related to the conduct and outcomes of sponsored research. The tools aid UNC researchers and administrators in submitting and approving proposals (RAMSeS), gaining compliance for use of human and animal research subjects (IRBIS and ACAP), tracking the commercialization of products from sponsored research (Blue), and generating faculty profiles for inclusion in proposals as well as other institutional uses (Vitae).  Under development is the Institutional Dashboard, which will utilize information from these tools and other sources towards building faculty, campus, and University-wide expertise profiles.

Through customizable reporting features, RAMSeS provides a means for UNC partners and the interested public to learn more about research and sponsored program awards across the system.  More information about RAMSeS, including how to access public records through this new system, will be coming soon.


 Spotlight: Universities Work Together to Enhance Research Administration

While working in UNC-Chapel Hill’s information technology and technology transfer offices, Andy Johns saw firsthand the complex and varied needs of UNC-CH’s sponsored programs office and began developing the tools to meet them. The Research Administration and Management System and eSubmission (RAMSeS) tool for proposal submission and routing was born, and soon other tools followed to help manage additional aspects of research awards, including human and animal subject compliance, conflict of interest, and technology transfer. 

Now, as Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Mr. Johns and his team at the UNC Chapel Hill Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS) work closely with UNC General Administration and campus sponsored research liaisons to ensure successful implementation of the suite of tools across the University.  

When the suite of tools is fully implemented across the University of North Carolina, a new level of standards and accuracy in research administration procedures and reporting will be realized. The tools will also improve our ability to know, communicate, and proactively apply UNC faculty expertise to critical issues in North Carolina and beyond. 

Read more about Andy Johns and his work with UNC Chapel Hill's Office of Research Information Systems in Carolina's University Gazette.

Andy Johns
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Director of the Office of Research Information Systems
UNC Chapel Hill