ARRA “Stimulus” Weekly Update, September 12, 2009
In this update:

Federal Reporting:

Federal agencies are developing agency-specific guidance for ARRA recipient reporting. Follow this link for links to agency sites.
Registration for www.FederalReporting.gov opened August 17th. For campuses planning to have multiple individual register as reporters, consider having the person with primary responsibility for reporting register first as that person will approve/issue FederalReporting PINs to other registrants associated with the campus DUNS number. Please note the MPIN associated with CCR registration management is no longer required for FederalReporting.gov registration.

State and Local Reporting:
In late May, UNC GA sought a determination from OERI regarding which of the management directives apply to ARRA awards to UNC campuses (as reported in the weekly update for May 29, 2009). For ARRA-funded financial aid and contract and grant awards received directly from a federal agency by a campus, the directives do not apply.
Six management directives have been issued to-date. While directives 1-3 were addressed in the May determination, UNC is operating with the understanding that subsequent directives will not apply either (as noted above). Regarding the remaining four directives:

  • Directive 4 applied to the reporting readiness survey, which was a one-time event (UNC had a 100% compliance rate).
  • Directive 5 applies to reporting fraud, waste and abuse and whistle blower protections and reporting. As prime recipients UNC campuses are already required to comply with that section of the "Act." http://www.recovery.gov/?q=content/whistleblower-information.
  • Directive 6 provided OERI guidance on application of ARRA provisions for reporting, Buy American, Davis-Bacon, whistle blowers and the posting ARRA funded jobs through Employment Security Commission (ESC). As noted in a previous SPARC televideo conference the UNC system already has a process set up whereby any ARRA funded positions are flagged as such and searchable on our site. ESC links to our site. See the following URL and click on the search section of the UNC-System job bank: https://uncjobs.northcarolina.edu/applicants/jsp/shared/search/Search_css.jsp

FOR ARRA FLOW THROUGH FUNDS FROM THE STATE, THE DIRECTIVES WILL APPLY. The impact is likely to be minimal for directives 1 and 2. UNC campuses already segregate contract and grant funds and track them via unique identifiers and as a state agency is the prime awardee, that agency will go through OSBM for budget approval. Directive 3 will have the greatest impact for campuses working with state flow through ARRA funds. All Management Directives can be found at the following URL http://www.ncrecovery.gov/RecoveryPlan/NCPlan.aspx
The Office of State Budget and Management is developing a data warehouse that will be used to capture ARRA award information. The data dictionary was distributed last week and is being distributed in editable form. The launch date is set for late fall/winter, however campuses will be asked to submit some data for system testing purposes. The spreadsheet should be used to report only the ARRA awards received directly by a campus (NOT FLOW THROUGH AWARDS FROM THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA OR SUBAWARDS FROM ANOTHER UNC CAMPUS). The information will be presented in cumulative form. For the outcomes, campuses should use the PI supplied data from the quarterly federal reports.
Other Resources:
The National Association of State Budget Officers is a good source of information on guidance given to states and their respective ARRA coordinating offices, available at the following URL: http://www.nasbo.org/Washington%20Reports/2009/090709.htm. Scroll down to the headline titled “Stimulus Implementation Updates.” Of note in this week’s newsletter, NASBO reports OMB has provided further clarification regarding payments to vendors in that the $25,000 threshold for Section 1512 reporting refers to a payment to a vendor in a quarter, not an invoice. They also clarified that the minimum $25,000 threshold only applies to that particular quarter, and in future quarters a state will not have to include payments from previous quarters.