ARRA “Stimulus” Weekly Update, August 31, 2009
In this update:

ARRA Reporting FAQs Updated (8-18-09)

Federal Reporting:
OMB released an updated set of Frequently Asked Questions on August 18th. The updates pertain to reporting via www.federalreporting.gov. The URL for the FAQs is listed above. Some highlights include:

Registration for www.FederalReporting.gov opened August 17th. For campuses planning to have multiple individual register as reporters, consider having the person with primary responsibility for reporting register first as that person will approve/issue FederalReporting PINs to other registrants associated with the campus DUNS number. Please note the MPIN associated with CCR registration management is no longer required for FederalReporting.gov registration.

State and Local Reporting:
Currently, campuses submit a weekly report to UNC-GA of their ARRA proposals and awards. This information used internally and the award information is provided to OERI, which includes the data in the biweekly update to the OERI director and the Governor. The UNC System data that is presented on the OERI site is broken out by R&D projects and non-R&D projects.
Campuses should continue to submit their weekly reports to Sarah Smith with a copy to Courtney Thornton until all campuses (except NCSU) are transitioned to the RAMSeS platform. In the weekly reports, it is important to report the CFDA# for proposals and awards and the federal or other award # for actual awards. These data elements will be used by OERI for their internal tracking of ARRA funds flowing to the State.
The Office of State Budget and Management is developing a data warehouse that will be used to capture ARRA award information. The PDF of this weekly report (available for download above,) contains a spreadsheet that includes the agreed to data elements for the UNC System reports. The launch date is set for late fall/winter. The data dictionary for the OSBM system combines some of the data elements for the current weekly report (project title, award amount, award dates, etc.) with budget code and project expenditure data. The spreadsheet should be used to report only the ARRA awards received directly by a campus (NOT FLOW THROUGH AWARDS FROM THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA OR SUBAWARDS FROM ANOTHER UNC CAMPUS) and the information presented will be in cumulative form. For the outcomes, campuses should use the PI supplied data from the quarterly federal reports. An editable version and more information on the implementation date and reporting frequency will be provided in the near future. Please contact Sarah Smith  if you have any questions about the OSBM/ARRA data dictionary/reporting tool.
Other Resources:
OERI has developed a table of competitive grant opportunities with links to the program announcements.
The National Association of State Budget Officers is a good source of information on guidance given to states and their respective ARRA coordinating offices. Scroll down to the headline titled “Stimulus Implementation Updates.”
The National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers is another source of information on guidance to states for ARRA implementation. An audio of the ARRA Roundtable at NASACT’s annual conference on August 19th is available online. The organization’s ARRA webpage is available at the following URL: http://www.nasact.org/nasact/committees/cara/downloads/recovery/recovery.cfm.