ARRA “Stimulus” Weekly Update, August 3, 2009

UNC General Administration has activated an RSS feed capability for the ARRA ‘Stimulus” Weekly Update. Anyone can subscribe to receive notice that the update has been posted to the General Administration ARRA website. The notice will include a summary of the items covered in the update. The subscription instructions can be found at this link. We will continue to provide a direct email message with attachment for those that do not wish to subscribe to the RSS feed. Please contact Sarah Smith at smsmith@northcarolina.edu if you wish to continue to receive a direct email message with attachment for the ARRA “Stimulus” Weekly Update or if you have any questions. Following is the URL for the UNC-GA ARRA website: http://www.northcarolina.edu/recovery/index.php?node_id=2308

Federal Reporting:

OMB has indicated registration for the www.federalreporting.gov site would be available on or around August 17th. Campuses that have received ARRA awards are urged to complete the registration process in August.

The PowerPoint slides and audio feed for all seven of the OMB ARRA reporting webinars is available at the following URL. http://www.whitehouse.gov/Recovery/WebinarTrainingMaterials/

State Reporting:

UNC GA submitted the proposed data elements for reporting ARRA awards to OSMB for inclusion in a state data warehouse. The warehouse will capture ARRA reporting across all state agencies, in addition to data on all grants to the state, not just ARRA. For the purposes of the UNC System, our involvement is limited to ARRA only. The OSBM data warehouse is scheduled to be operational in October as is www.federalreporting.gov. The UNC System is working toward a model where a single report would be submitted to the state come October. More information will be provided as the data elements and format/mode of transmission are vetted with campuses and OSBM.

UNC GA Reporting:

The UNC System has reached an important milestone; >$1B in ARRA proposals have been submitted and >$45M in ARRA awards have been received. UNC General Administration would like to take this opportunity to recognize the contributions and hard work of sponsored program/contracts and grants staff across the system. This milestone would not be possible without the coordinated and engaged support of our research administrators. Thank you!