ARRA “Stimulus” Weekly Update, July 24, 2009

I. Reporting

State Reporting:

On July 16th staff from NCSU, UNC-CH and UNC-G met with the ARRA/NC OpenBook technical team from the NC Office of State Budget Management to discuss how the UNC campuses might provide ARRA reporting data for inclusion in the data warehouse OSMB is developing. The warehouse will capture ARRA reporting across all state agencies, in addition to data on all grants to the state, not just ARRA. For the purposes of the UNC System, our involvement is limited to ARRA only. Currently a list of proposals and awards is submitted to the NC Office of Economic Recovery and Reinvestment (OERI) for informational purposes. Approximately half of the data elements needed for the OSBM ARRA reporting are captured on the report that is sent to UNC-GA weekly. The missing pieces that are needed relate to account information and expenditures. The OSBM data warehouse is scheduled to be operational in October as is www.federalreporting.gov. The UNC System is working toward a model where a single report would be submitted to the state come October. More information will be provided as the data elements and format/mode of transmission are vetted with campuses and OSBM.

Federal Reporting:

OMB has indicated registration for the www.federalreporting.gov site would be available on or around August 17th. Campuses that have received ARRA awards are urged to complete the registration process in August.

The PowerPoint slides and audio feed for all seven of the OMB ARRA reporting webinars should be is available by July 27th at the following URL. http://www.whitehouse.gov/Recovery/WebinarTrainingMaterials/

UNC GA Reporting:

UNC-GA has been providing a consolidated report of ARRA proposals and awards to OERI since mid-spring. The report is aimed at leadership in OERI and the Governor’s office for information purposes only. The reports should include the CFDA # for all proposals and awards and the federal award ID for all awards. Data is reported cumulative for all ARRA proposals and awards since the passage of the Act. Campuses should send their weekly reports to Sarah Smith (smsmith@northcarolina.edu) with a copy to Courtney Thornton (cthornton@northcarolina.edu). This week’s report is located under the Reporting/UNC ARRA Report tabs on the UNC-GA Recovery site: http://www.northcarolina.edu/recovery/index.php - click on the PDF symbol.

II. N.C. Office of Economic Recovery and Investment

OERI has issued Management Directive #6, “OERI Guidance on Compliance with ARRA Provisions.” The Directive provides guidance on the “Buy American” requirements for public buildings or public works and “Davis-Bacon” wage rate requirements under the Act. The Directive also provides information on reporting requirements cited in OMB Memorandum M-09-21, which was issued June 22nd. Directive #6 can be found at the following URL:


III. Other Resources

The Chairman of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board has introduced a new series of on-line reports to the American people about stimulus funding. The first in the “Chairman’s Corner” series is posted at the following URL: