ARRA “Stimulus” Weekly Update, June 29, 2009

I. Federal and State Reporting

Federal Reporting:

OMB issued Implementing Guidance for the Reports on Use of Funds Pursuant to the American Research and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (M-09-21) on June 22nd. Reporting through the www.federalreporting.gov portal will begin with the October 10, 2009 report due date. Cumulative information will be reported each quarter. A more thorough description of reporting jobs created and retained is at section 5.2 beginning on page 33. Supplement 2 includes is the “Recipient Reporting Data Model.” Following are the URLs for M-09-21:

M-09-21 - http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/assets/memoranda_fy2009/m09-21.pdf

Supplement 1 http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/assets/memoranda_fy2009/m09-21-supp1.pdf

Supplement 2 http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/assets/memoranda_fy2009/m09-21-supp2.pdf

The SPARC Post-Award Workgroup will have a televideo conference July 13th from 9:00-12:00. The ARRA reporting elements finalized by OMB will be discussed. Confirm the location of the televideo conference on your campus with the points of contact listed at the following URL: http://www.mcnc.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=page&filename=NCREN_Interactive_Video_University_Contacts.html

UNC GA Reporting:

This week’s report is located under the Reporting/UNC ARRA Report tabs on the UNC-GA Recovery site: http://www.northcarolina.edu/recovery/index.php - click on the PDF symbol.

Please note the cumulative weekly reports should include the federal award number for any actual awards received. Please add an award number column to the right of the CFDA# column of the reporting template to capture this information.

State Reporting:

A memorandum from OSMB, OSC and OERI regarding Procurement, Accounting and Grants Systems Changes was issued on June 25th. Following is clarification on the systems referenced in the memo and impact on UNC campuses:

  • Interactive Procurement System (IPS) – Campuses will maintain their current State Purchase and Contract delegations/thresholds for procurement actions under ARRA contracts and grants awarded directly to a campus. For flow-through ARRA funds from a state agency, OERI Directive #3 (referenced above) will apply. For those actions being posted to IPS, please specify “recovery funding” for the bid type for ARRA funded procurement actions.
  • NC E-Procurement – Campuses do not currently participant in NC E-Procurement and no action is necessary.
  • North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS) – the UNC System is one of several “interface agencies” which provide general ledger information to NCAS in summary form only. Campuses do not use NCAS for purchase orders (through E-Procurement or direct in NCAS) or invoices. No action is necessary.
  • Grants Information Center (GIC) – The GIC captures information on grants awarded by state agencies to non-state entities consistent with the requirements of G. S. 143C-6.2. The UNC System contracts and grants portfolio is exempt from G.S. 143C-6.2 and subawards issued from contract and grant accounts are not reported. UNC General Administration accounts for most all UNC entries in GIC. Since ARRA funds are received in contract and grant accounts, which are exempt from G.C. 143C-6.2, no action is necessary.
  • Community Research Information System (CRIS) – The CRIS captures information about state government financial assistance programs and other services. The programs reported are associated with grants listed in the GIC. For the UNC System, this is only subawards/grants issued directly from state appropriations. UNC General Administration accounts for most all CRIS [and GIC] entries and no action is necessary.


II. Other Resources

OERI Directives:

OERI Directive #3, “Contract Provisions for the Procurement of Good, Services and Construction Projects Including Design Services and Internal Procurement Directive” applies ONLY to UNC System procurement activities conducted with flow-through ARRA funds from a state agency. Any referenced restrictions on overhead should be applied in the context of what contracting vehicle (fixed price) and contracting terms are most suitable for acquiring goods and services from private-sector vendors. This directive is not meant to serve as a state government-wide restriction on F&A on flow-through ARRA funds from an NC state agency. All OERI Directives are located at the following URL: http://www.ncrecovery.gov/RecoveryPlan/NCPlan.aspx