ARRA “Stimulus” Weekly Update, May 22, 2009

  1. Reporting

Weekly Submissions to UNC-GA. Campuses have been submitting information on ARRArelated proposals, preliminary notices of award (i.e. JIT submissions) or actual awards for several weeks now. The weekly reports are submitted in cumulative form. Please note weekly reports starting with the May 21st report date should include the federal award number for any actual awards received. Please add an award number column to the right of the CFDA# column to capture this information. The reports should be sent to Sarah Smith, with a copy to Courtney Thornton, on a weekly basis by 12:00 p.m. on Thursday. The submission time coincides with the time frame for submitting materials to be discussed at the UNC-GA Council meeting on Monday
mornings. This information will be pulled by UNC-GA from RAMSeS and SPARC by June 1st.

UNC General Administration will launch its redesigned website June 1st. The Office of
Research portion of the site will have a stimulus section and the report referenced above will be posted along with the weekly updates, other pertinent documents and links to related agency sites.

State Reporting: N.C. Office of Economic Recovery and Investment Directives
UNC General Administration has received response from OERI regarding Directive #3 (Contract Provisions for the Procurement of Goods, Services and Construction Projects Including Design Services and Internal Procurement Directives). We are pleased to report OERI has determined Directive #3, as well as Directives 1 and 2 will not apply to ARRA funded student financial aid or faculty/campus initiated competitive grants. The Directives will apply to any flow through ARRA funding that campuses receive from a state agency or the Governor’s office. The OERI response is attached. Copies of OERI Directives 1, 2, and 3 can be found at the following URL: http://www.ncrecovery.gov/RecoveryPlan/NCPlan.aspx.
In order to meet the reporting requirements of the OERI Directives for ARRA flow-through funding from state agencies or the Governor’s office, campuses should be able to distinguish those projects funded by state ARRA flow through funds from those funded directly by a federal granting agency. A follow up conference call with the SPARC Post-award Workgroup will be scheduled for June to discuss reporting strategies.

Federal Reporting: The Office of Management and Budget indicated it will release an update to M09-15 and the ARRA reporting elements within 30-60 days from the early April release. No information has been received to date, but as soon as any information is received, it will be distributed to the SPARC, SPARC Post-Award and ARRA list serves.

Audit/Compliance The Office of Management and Budget is scheduled to release the latest Compliance Supplement to OMB Circular A-133 in the very near future. A DHHS representative indicated the Supplement would include ARRA funding and that there would likely be several addenda to the Supplement to include new CFDA numbers and the ARRA reporting requirements. The state audit plan for the upcoming year will likely continue to include Student Financial Aid and Research and Development as both clusters will include some level of ARRA funds. More information will be distributed as it becomes available.


  1. Agency Activity

Recovery plans are now available via the recovery.gov website. Federal agencies that have received Recovery Act funds have submitted overall plans detailing how the funds will be applied and managed. To see a particular plan, scroll down, use the drop-down menu, select an Agency, and go to the Agency Recovery Plan page. On this page, you will also be able to access information on specific Agency Program Plans. Agency Plan specifics, such as the Objectives, Benefits to the Public, Types of Programs, and Measure of Performance can be access via the lower drop-down menu. http://www.recovery.gov/