Public Service

Since its establishment, UNC's commitment to public service has been a hallmark of its work in the state of North Carolina.

Today, responding to the recommendations of the report of the UNC Tomorrow Commission,  public service at UNC is more important than ever, as we seek to respond to and anticipate the needs of the state, helping to lead in shaping our response.

Each of our campuses participates actively in a variety of *engagement and outreach* efforts: indeed ten of our campuses, more than any other university system in the country, have been recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as "engaged universities."

Our campuses are actively involved in working with and leading local, regional and statewide economic development efforts, with the belief that we bear responsibility for shaping the future economy of our state through inspiring teaching, solid, hands-on research and directo public service. Our *K-12 outreach *efforts are moving beyond our historic commitment to teacher and principlal preparation to reflect our belief that all parts of our educational system need to work in partnership if we are going to meaningfully transform the educational achievement of our citizens. Our affiliate* UNC-TV* provides quality educational and entertainment programming to people in every part of our state, extending our educational mission well beyond the traditional classroom. And UNC Health Care is leading, teaching and caring for our citizens with cutting edge research, medical education and patient care to hundreds of thousands of citizens across the state.

More than ever, UNC Tomorrow reminds us that our work in public service is inextricably interwoven with, strengthened by, and complementary to, our work in teaching and research. We look forward to serving you.