Video Conference Meeting Materials

In order to facilitate greater communication and collaboration among UNC campuses around important UNC Tomorrow themes, UNC General Administration facilitated a series of system-wide video conferences from which ongoing discussions, policy changes, and increased collaboration has continued.


Video Conference 1 - Academic Planning (March 27, 2008) 

 VC1 Handout Powerpoint - Review and Revision of Academic Program Planning

VC1 Handout Word Doc - Proposed BOG Policy Statement


Video Conference 2 - Branch Campuses and Accountability (April 1, 2008)

 VC2 Handout Powerpoint - Branch Campuses

VC2 Handout Draft Accountability Plan for the University of North Carolina

VC2 Handout Phased Implementation of Accountability Plan and Performance Measures


Video Conference 2 - Access (June 30, 2008)

 VC3 Handout Collaborations Document Access

VC3 Handout Access Agenda