In this section you will find reports from campuses, affiliated entitied and institutes, and UNC General Administration that outline how UNC can best respond to the needs of our state identified in the UNC Tomorrow Commission's Final Report and Recommendations.  This section also contains information and guidelines used by campuses and affiliated entities in developing their response plans.  The response plans in this section are not the final stage of UNC Tomorrow, but rather are the beginning of a newly focused ongoing process of prioritization and strategic planning designed to ensure that UNC not only becomes more responsive to the needs of our state, but remains responsive both now and into the future.

Response Reports

In this section you will find the response reports prepared by UNC campuses, institutes and centers, and affiliated entities in response to the recommendations of the UNC Tomorrow Commission.  Campuses prepared their response reports in two Phases:

  • Phase I focused on major UNC Tomorrow themes (Global Readiness, Access, Public Education, Economic Transformation, Health, Environment, and Outreach & Engagement); the response reports are available by individual campus and affiliated entities, and are also compiled according to UNC Tomorrow themes
  • Phase II focused on internal issues relating to faculty & staff recruitment and retention, faculty promotion and tenure policies, academic planning, and campus missions. 

You will also find highlights of campus Phase I response reports and summaries of opportunities for inter-campus collaboration prepared by UNC General Administration staff.