UNC Pembroke and Sandhills Community College Collaborate on Interactive Video Classroom

As part of its educational outreach efforts, UNC Pembroke has maintained a collaborative working relationship with Sandhills Community College (SCC) for over ten years. The partnership began as a pilot in 2000, with UNCP offering on-site, evening classes to SCC graduates who wished to earn the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Over the years, UNC Pembroke has added three undergraduate degrees (Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies) to the distance education program at Sandhills Community College. Graduate degree programs include programs in business (MBA), social work (MSW), and several advanced teacher and administrative school licensure programs. This partnership has been extremely successful in creating opportunities for working adults who are unable to enroll in traditional programs. Several graduate programs have also been approved by UNC-GA and SACS for offering to cohort groups at UNC Pembroke’s Sandhills distance education site.     

The increased number of degree programs has created a need for additional classes and proportionately increased travel costs.  Given recent budget constraints, UNC Pembroke has explored ways to remain responsive to a growing need in this portion of our service area, ensure program quality and reduce travel costs.  One strategy is installation of interactive video classroom equipment at remote sites such as SCC. Sandhills Community College provided the facility and UNC Pembroke provided the equipment and covered the installation cost. The ITV classroom became fully functional in fall 2009. When UNC Pembroke is not using the classroom, Sandhills Community College uses the facility for its own outreach initiative. This interactive video classroom has registered immediate success for both institutions.  During 2009-2010, because of the ITV classroom facility, UNC Pembroke’s enrollment at Sandhills has grown significantly. 

The ITV classroom has introduced much greater flexibility for students and faculty. Classroom instruction is more diverse, incorporating online and face-to-face interaction between faculty and students at multiple locations. 

Contact: Dr. Charles Tita, Director, Distance Education