2 + 2 Teacher Preparation Partnerships at Elizabeth City State University

Elizabeth City State University is very committed to the UNC-NCCCS Joint Initiative and the 2 + 2 partnerships that have been established with College of The Albemarle (COA) and Halifax Community College (HCC) in northeastern North Carolina.

LuAnn Riddick, a liaison for the ECSU Teacher Prep., states, “It is always very exciting to see our students progress through this program and begin their semester in student teaching. These students are filled with much excitement as they begin to face new challenges as future prospective teachers in North Carolina.” 

During an electronic portfolio Livetext training session with Claudia Twiford at Halifax Community College, many students enjoyed sharing their student teaching experiences and were excited to place new information in their portfolios. Dr. Linda Lisowski, School of Education and Psychology Interim Dean was the guest speaker at the March HCC/ECSU Teacher Prep. club meeting. Students were delighted with the updates that she shared concerning the elementary education curriculum. Dr. Mary Stephenson, ECSU Instructional Manager and club advisor, Mrs. Beth Strecker, ECSU Instructional Consultant for COA/ECSU-Manteo and Mrs. LuAnn Riddick, ECSU Teacher Preparation Partnership Liaison were also in attendance. Everyone enjoyed interacting with the students.

Under the direction of Mrs. Beth Strecker, the College of The Albemarle will be forming their Teacher Prep. Cub. The Livetext training session will be available for ECSU’s students in June. 

If you are interested in more information concerning the 2 + 2 Teacher Preparation Partnership, please contact LuAnn Riddick, ECSU Teacher Prep. Liaison at 252-335-3815/3824 or