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    April 2010

    ECU Programs Prepare Students and Facilitate Employment Opportunities

    The Career Center at East Carolina University provides comprehensive services to the student body. During the recent recession, the Career Center has also increased its outreach to alumni. One of the many successful programs at ECU is the H.I.R.E.D. Mock Interview Program. H.I.R.E.D. stands for “Helping Individuals Reach Employment Destinations.”

    This program reaches the audience most career centers typically struggle to engage; the students who need assistance but do not know it yet. H.I.R.E.D. is a partnership between the Career Center, professionals from the community, and specific ECU faculty. H.I.R.E.D. is a graded and required activity in specific courses. The Career Center staff train approximately 1,300 students each year on interviewing skills, expectations of potential employers and how to present themselves. Students are then required to apply their skills in a simulated employment exercise. They must apply for a particular position within any company. The student gets 30 minutes with a seasoned interviewer who provides constructive feedback and a referral to a career coach, if needed. This is treated as a real interview from scheduling an appointment to dressing properly to the thank you note. A referral might include working with a career coach through a process of career and job search planning while developing any gaps in soft skills.

    After completing the H.I.R.E.D. Program, students are encouraged to engage in ECU’s job/internship database, PirateJobs, to find employment. The PirateJobs Partnership Program brings together the information needed to help internship coordinators and provides students with more opportunities. Also, it creates a data warehouse that can be used for academic departmental marketing, SACS, and marketing students to internships. The National Association for Colleges and Employers states employers intend on decreasing the number of recruiting career fairs they attend by 46% and reduce on campus interviews by 38%. Over the past four years, employers have increased the number of new hires from their internship programs to 56.6% (up from 35.6%). The ECU H.I.R.E.D. and PirateJobs are poised to take advantage of trends in hiring processes.

    For further information please contact:

    Jim McAtee, Interim Director

    The Career Center – East Carolina University