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    April 2010

    Career Center at UNC Asheville Guides Students toward Success

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    The UNC Asheville Career Center provides comprehensive guidance and services for students and alumni about the practical application of a liberal arts degree in the world of work.  As part of the academic affairs division, we are intentional about educating our students about the relationship between liberal arts and career choices. Our services and resources are designed to help students and alumni make informed decisions about their career paths through self-assessment, exploring options, seeking experiential-learning opportunities and transitioning from college to career or graduate school with the appropriate knowledge and transferable skills.

    The Career Center provides individual career counseling, academic class presentations and group workshops to prepare students for campus employment, internships, part-time employment, full-time positions and graduate school. By consistently focusing on networking, being in the right place at the right time and asking questions and conducting informational interviews, our students learn the connections between a liberal arts education and the myriad of career opportunities available to them.

    We have strong partnerships with UNC Asheville faculty, employer and alumni constituents. These partnerships allow us to post over 1500 jobs and internships per year, host two annual job fairs, organize student and alumni networking events on-campus and throughout the state, provide students and alumni opportunities to network online, facilitate career panels and connect our employers with faculty. We have 237 alumni supporting the career center through mentoring and job and internship listings each year. We also have 62 Internship and Career Center faculty liaisons from the academic departments to ensure our initiatives complement the academic curriculum.

    Employers interested in working with UNC Asheville students and alumni regarding jobs and internships are encouraged to contact Eileen C. Buecher, Career Center Director, at 828-251-6515 or Job and internship postings may also be forwarded to or posted online directly through For more information about employers services, please visit The Career Center Annual Report Highlights are available online as well at

    Career Center Facts – 2008-2009 Academic Year:

    § 189 employers and organizations visited UNC Asheville to network and share opportunities with UNC Asheville students and alumni; with 97 additional employer outreach visits

    § 237 Alumni assisted with career center events and programs

    § 1584 jobs, internships, fellowships, and scholarships were posted online at the Career Center website with a recorded 47,604 “hits” to review these opportunities

    § 33 faculty serve as Academic Departmental Liaisons, 16 faculty serve as Internship Liaisons, and 13 faculty serve in both roles with the Career Center

    § 536 students completed internship, experiential-learning and academic projects for credit each year and 36% of our students completed internships while at UNC Asheville

    UNC Asheville Facts

    § The only dedicated liberal arts institution in the University of North Carolina system

    § About 3,500 undergraduate students

    § 30 different majors

    § 330 full- and part-time faculty

    § About 50% of our students participate in undergraduate research projects

    § U. S. News & World Report (2009) ranked UNC Asheville in the top 25 liberal arts colleges nationally whose students graduate with the least debt

    §  UNC Asheville earned a top spot in the Fiske Guide to Colleges for the 16th consecutive year as one of the Best Buys of American and Canadian Colleges

    § Thirty-four graduates have received Fulbright Awards. Students regularly receive Goldwater Scholarships, James Madison Fellowships and Rotary International Scholarships

    For further information, please contact:

    Eileen C. Buecher, Director
    Career Center
    The University of North Carolina Asheville
    259 Highsmith University Union
    CPO #1240
    One University Heights
    Asheville, NC 28804-8501
    828-251-6515 Phone
    828-251-6871 Fax