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UNC Wilmington Enthusiastic about Green Efforts

The recycling effort at UNCW has grown significantly in the past couple of years, not only in regards to quantity of recyclables collected, but especially with the amount of student participation.  Primarily as a result of the enthusiastic efforts of our recycling staff, on campus students are now actively participating and contributing to the recycling effort (the change in tonnage is not available as of today).

In the area of utility savings, UNCW continues its efforts to reduce consumption and costs.  BTU/sq.ft. dropped 11% this year, the largest improvement in the 6 years of the state Utility Savings Initiative.  Major changes include replacing HVAC equipment and controls, implementing temperature setbacks for nights/weekends/holidays, and efficiency improvement at one of UNCW's regional energy plants.  

We continue to expand the use of green products by our Housekeeping Department.  We replaced high pressure sodium lighting along our academic corridor with LED lighting.  And we are investigating the use of well water and reclaimed stormwater as a water source for irrigation (in place of the city water supply) at several existing campus locations.