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Purple is the New "Green" at ECU

East Carolina University has a long-standing tradition of fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship. Over the years we have achieved substantial reductions in our waste and energy consumption. Our innovative recycling programs, aggressive energy reduction projects, and organizations like Eco Pirates, are a few examples of programs that have led to these accomplishments. East Carolina University has been committed to not only ensuring full compliance with the requirements of recent energy legislation related to state facilities, but also to a long term vision of sustainability, carbon neutrality, and zero waste. This past year, in keeping with the immediate needs of ensuring compliance and the long-term vision of sustainability, the university formed a committee to lead this effort. The Sustainability Committee is composed of a diverse group of individuals, which includes such partners as Campus Operations, Environmental Health and Safety, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Campus Living, Business Services, and students. With the more recent adoption of the UNC Sustainability Policy, the Committee will now focus on engaging the University community in a campus-wide vision for sustainability in research, curriculum, and campus operations, as outlined in the new policy.

In the last year, East Carolina University has aggressively taken action to ensure compliance with the requirements of SB 668 and 1946. We have made significant progress in replacing all incandescent exit lights with LEDs, installing low flow aerators on all lavatories, and replacing all toilets and urinals with low flow units. Additionally, campus wide temperature standards have been established and implemented for the building HVAC systems and hot water systems, with setbacks for periods when the buildings are unoccupied. All projects to construct new facilities or make major renovations are being certified at no less than LEED silver. In the next ninety days, the Sustainability Committee will create a taskforce to focus on the development of the university’s climate action plan. The plan will include conducting a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and creating a portfolio of carbon reduction projects for the campus. 

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