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NCCU Supports Sustainability through On-Campus Projects


North Carolina Central University is supporting the eight primary policy recommendations of the UNC Sustainability Committee through ten ongoing energy conservation projects. Two projects that will have a large impact upon our sustainability efforts are a Campus Metering System and an Energy Performance Contract project.

The Campus Metering System is a wireless data collection system designed in cooperation with Duke Energy that remotely collects energy consumption data in real time from utility meters. This system allows us to measure electrical, steam, gas, and water consumption, and it is currently monitoring the electrical power consumption at 48 buildings on campus. It will also be integrated into each new capital project, and eventually expanded to measure water, gas, and steam usage campus wide.

The data collected is displayed in real time on a web site, and is archived in a database for analysis. The accurate and efficient collection of this data helps us to more effectively focus our energy conservation efforts by measuring the results of those efforts. This system will be particularly helpful in supporting the aforementioned Energy Performance Contract project.

Chevron Energy Solutions has been selected to partner with the University to install energy conservation measures in ten buildings on campus under the Energy Performance Contract program. This effort is supported by the NC State Energy Office and the State Construction Office, and it will help to reduce our energy consumption in support of the goals of NC Senate Bill 668. An investment grade audit is currently being negotiated with Chevron, and this project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2010.


For further information, please contact:

Eric Frazier, Facilities Electrical Engineer