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ECSU Starts Campus-Wide Recycling Program

The primary goal of the campus-wide recycling program and waste
reduction education program is to divert recyclable waste from disposal
in the landfill.  The program will strive to get students, faculty and
staff to re-think how they buy and dispose of goods.  With the changing
economy and global warming, we must take steps to reduce our waste and
our impact on the environment.

In the interest of developing a successful program, establishment of
recycling program contacts for each department will aid in the
dissemination of information.  A listserve will be established to link
the contacts with the with the Recycling Coordinator to keep departments
informed and inspired; distribute information; and help students,
faculty and staff do a better job in reducing waste on campus.

In cooperation with Student Affairs and Residence Life, recycling
workshops will be held in each residence hall at the beginning of each
semester.  Students will receive a Recycling Program brochure and all
collection containers will be labeled.  The Student Government
Association's Student Activities Committee will assist with education
and promotion of recycling and other sustainability activities during
the 2009-2010 academic year.

There are a number of recycling activities in which ECSU may get
involved.  For example, Earth Hour- March 27th, Earth Day - April 22nd,
and RecycleMania, which runs from January through April each year, are
some of the national and international events in which ECSU could
participate to increase the awareness of waste reduction and