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NCA&T is Enhancing Urban Sustainability through Permaculture

Students at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University are implementing on-campus permaculture principles, which consist of designing landscapes based on natural ecosystems.  The students will design a permaculture area and investigate its savings by comparing it to a grass lawn and a bricked area.  Permaculture is an approach used to designing human settlements and perennial agricultural systems that mimics the relationships found in natural ecologies. The word permaculture is a portmanteau of permanent agriculture, as well as permanent culture.

The intent of the project is to rapidly train individuals in a core set of design principles that will enable them to design their own environments and build increasingly self-sufficient human settlements.

The proposal for this project was prepared by N.C. A&T biological engineering and landscape architecture students in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Design (NRED) in collaboration with NRED faculty and the university’s Facilities Staff.  The project is being funded by the Environmental Protection Agency’s ‘P3 awards’ for $10,000.  The P3 competition highlights the use of scientific principles in creating innovative projects that focus on sustainability. The P3 Awards program was developed to foster progress toward sustainability by achieving the mutual goals of economic prosperity, protection of the planet, and improved quality of life for its people.


For further information, please contact:

Carey Baldwin 

Physical Plant Director

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

(336) 285-4526