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FSU Students are "Going Green"

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The Green Team is a 33 member Fayetteville State University (FSU) student organization, established in 2008, whose mission is to assist in the sustainability efforts of FSU and the University of North Carolina System by advocating student involvement in green initiatives. The team also strives to educate FSU students on recycling and reducing and reusing materials to create an environmentally friendly campus community. The Green Team is led by President Tamikka Portee and staff advisor Jay Blauser who also serves as FSU campus sustainability coordinator.

In the first year of The Green Team’s existence, the students organized two Earth Day events. To promote awareness and conservation, a lunchtime “blackout” was planned by the organization where all faculty, staff and students were encouraged to turn off their lights during their lunch break. Also, in a partnership with the FSU grounds staff, The Green Team purchased and donated to FSU a tree that was planted in the quad in front of the Student Center.

In 2009, The Green Team designated St. Patrick’s Day as “Go Green Day”. The team set up an information booth and provided handout materials to promote awareness and encourage more widespread use of the campus recycling program. As a result, the amount of recycled material continues to increase each month.

Efforts to bring conservation and recycling awareness to University Place Apartments are underway. Plans for the remainder of 2009 and 2010 include designing an organizational logo that supports recycling efforts, and encouraging members to participate in off campus outreach efforts to help members of the community in need. 


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