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NC State is Committed to Environmental Sustainability through Various Programs

NC State University’s W.E. Recycle Stadium Tailgate Recycling Program Among the Most Productive in the Nation

WE Recycle is NC State's Stadium Tailgate Recycling Program. Started in 2003 as "Chuck It" Recycling, the program recycles nearly 20 tons of beverage containers each season, making it one of the nation's most productive stadium recycling efforts.   The program relies on volunteers to walk the tailgating lots in the hours before the game to stress the importance of recycling to the whole NC State community.

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NC State University Commits to LED Technology

A switch to LED lighting is paying off in more ways than one for NC State University; energy costs in LED-lit facilities have been lowered by roughly 60 percent and maintenance calls have been reduced.

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Growing NC State University’s Clean Fleet with E85

Through a NC State Fleet Services and NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources partnership, NC State University is now approved to dispense 85% ethanol (E85) fuel which can be used in flex fuel or alternative fuel vehicles. This 10,000 gallon E85 fuel tank broadens NC State’s alternative fuel offerings beyond the existing 20% bio-diesel (B20) and a 10% ethanol blend (E10).

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