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    October 2009

    Technology and Innovation Development

    UNC Charlotte Introduces First Entrepreneur-In-Residence to Evaluate and Commercialize University Research

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    UNC Charlotte, under the direction of UNC Tomorrow report recommendations, is working hard to turn academic research into commercial opportunities with real-world business applications. The university recently initiated a new entrepreneur-in-residence program which taps into local entrepreneurs with expertise in commercializing technologies and uses them to transform academic research developed at the university out of the laboratory and into the marketplace. 

    UNC Charlotte’s first entrepreneur-in-residence, Guy Rachmuth started during the Fall 2009 semester. Rachmuth, who holds three biomedical engineering degrees, including a Ph.D. from Harvard University, has experience working with university technologies and transforming academic research into viable businesses.   Rachmuth plans to spend 6 to 10 hours a week on campus. He will be attending lectures, spending time with faculty members, and reviewing invention filings at the technology transfer office. The entrepreneurs-in-residence are currently unpaid volunteers who have agreed to work with the university for 12-months at a time. 

    The new entrepreneur-in-residence program at UNC Charlotte is just one example of how the university is trying new creative methods to commercialize university research. UNC Charlotte has traditionally been a leader in putting research dollars to work and consistently achieves top rankings with the National Science Foundation and in the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) annual reports on technology transfer and commercialization.

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    For more information, please contact:

    Carl Mahler

    Executive Director, Office of Technology Transfer

    UNC Charlotte