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    October 2009

    Technology and Innovation Development

    Technology Partnerships yield Instructional Innovations for ASU Music Students

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    Can a collection of Tablet PCs, specialized software, and a library representing the latest trends in music theory, history and aural skills help students be better learners? Jennifer Snodgrass, an assistant professor in the Hayes School of Music, says “Yes!” And, what she calls the Pedagogy and Technology Center is proving to be a boon to Hayes School of Music students’ education, with the potential for impact beyond ASU.

    “The technology helps students develop confidence in their knowledge and skills, and once that happens they do better both academically and as musicians,” said Snodgrass.  “I received my own Tablet PC a few years ago, and when my students saw all the things I could do with it they got very excited about using it,” she said.

    The Pedagogy and Technology Center functions as both a classroom and tutoring facility for school of music students. The swivel-top Tablet PCs enable users to draw directly on the screen. Working in conjunction with DyKnow software the technology provides real-time interactions for students in a collaborative environment. Instructors have the benefit of desktop control of the classroom, and can immediately access and share student work and conduct lessons from the main computer.  In 2006, Snodgrass received a grant through Microsoft to be the first instructor to bring Tablet PC technology to the school of music and to Appalachian State University. The funding covered the purchase of eight PCs. Further assistance through the school of music, the Hubbard Center, Academic Affairs, McGraw Hill, Prentice Hall and Wadsworth Teaching paid for 12 more PCs, DyKnow software, and a library of music theory texts and music scores.

    Appalachian State University’s Broyhill Music Center will host a demonstration of the applications of tablet computers and educational software in the music curriculum for music technology coordinators, teachers, university personnel, industry leaders and musicians on Oct. 14. Representatives from DyKnow Software, Microsoft, and SOUNDTREE will demonstrate uses of Tablet PCs and DyKnow Software. Representatives from HP, Lenovo, and Dell will be in attendance to answer questions about their specific products.


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