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    September 2009

    Global Readiness

    Global Leadership Program at UNC Greensboro is Co-Curricular

    UNCG is in its third year of its Global Leadership Program (GLP), a collaborative effort involving the International Programs Center, the Office of Leadership and Service Learning, International and Global Studies and the Lloyd International Honors College. This co-curricular program is open to both undergraduates and graduates who would like a framework for taking advantage of their time at UNCG to develop their 21st Century skill sets.

    "Upon successful completion of the Global Leadership Program, UNCG students should possess a set of skills that enhance their development as leaders and, more importantly, as engaged world citizens with an appreciation of the importance of intercultural understanding reinforced by having applied these principles in their own international experiences."

    The Program involves: participation in GLP Colloquia;

    1. attendance and networking at designated GLP lectures;
    2. engagement in a range of international experiential opportunities at UNCG and abroad.

    In today’s world ideas, cultures, products, media and people traverse national borders continuously.  As a result, UNCG alumni will increasingly work in international and global contexts and will need to understand, adapt to and practice concepts that could only have been imagined a few years ago. Leadership, citizenship and cross-cultural understanding have taken on new meanings and have become essential for the successful citizen of the new globalized world.

    The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is open to all domestic and international students at UNCG, demonstrating the University’s commitment to internationalization and to the importance of enhancing the competencies of its graduates. The GLP welcomes students from all disciplines, whether in the liberal arts or the professional schools. The core concepts of intercultural understanding, experiential learning and skills development promoted by the GLP will distinguish participants as individuals prepared to assume roles as effective global citizens.

    The GLP adds value to any UNCG degree by providing:

    • Another framework for integrating study abroad experiences into personal, academic, and professional growth;
    • Opportunities for increased global awareness and socially responsible citizenship;
    • Leadership Skills development within an international and global context;
    • An enhanced intercultural understanding;
    • Evidence of extra-curricular learning on resumes;
    • Interaction with distinguished scholars and inspiring professionals;
    • A network of peers striving for international and global personal and professional development.


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