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    September 2009

    Global Readiness

    WCU Launching New Global Readiness Programs

    Two new academic programs at WCU are being launched that will further enhance internationalization on the campus and the global awareness of WCU students. 


    Global Leadership Development Program

    The College of Business will introduce a Global Leadership Development Program this fall.  The program is designed for students who understand the importance of integrating global experiences to education in today’s world and will leverage current exchange agreements to encourage participation in both summer travel courses and semester(s) abroad.  Students may begin the program as early as the summer before their freshman year and will be offered opportunities to “sample” different locations and schools around the world.   The program concludes with a post-graduate global internship.

    Global Leadership Development Samplers to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America will take place each summer and are currently being developed using WCU partner institutions in those regions. Semester Global Leadership Development Study and Internship programs will also utilize WCU partners in 37 countries world-wide.


    BA in International Studies to be Offered

    In addition, a plan developed by the College of Arts and Sciences at WCU for a BA in International Studies is currently under review at GA.  The major is constructed to provide students with a breadth of understanding from a variety of perspectives. The Language component provides students with the tools to develop a deep understanding of a foreign culture and adequate communication skills in at least one foreign language. 

    The Core is divided into three categories corresponding to perspectives into which most international phenomena can be placed. Students who have demonstrated their competencies in these categories should be able to apply the perspective to international phenomena not covered in their courses. Students should possess a basis for understanding international political interactions; for understanding foreign cultures; and for analyzing phenomena associated with globalization. 

    In the Guided Electives, students will be free to either broaden their understanding by taking courses across the three categories, or to deepen their understanding of one of the dimensions.   All together, students choosing this major will gain a multi-faceted grasp of globalization, of emerging and enduring international conflicts, and an appreciation of foreign cultures. In combination with their other major, students will have an understanding of opportunities generated by these forces for the region and beyond.


    For more information, please contact:

    Lois Petrovich Mwaniki

    Director, International Programs and Services