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    August 2009

    Economic Transformation

    ECSU Raises Awareness of Aviation Science Industry

    In its response to UNC-T 4.4.3, “UNC should seek to align appropriate campus programs with the strategic economic plans of the Region and the State, Elizabeth City State University identified its Aviation Science program as one component to address this directive. As Aviation is a targeted industry segment for both the State and the Region, ECSU’s Aviation Science is positioned to play a critical role in the recruitment and expansion efforts of each.

    In an effort to expand the awareness of the Aviation Programs and introduce ECSU to a broader cross section of businesses, the University hosted the first quarter meeting of the NC Aerospace Alliance, a division of the NC Military Business Center in March of this year. The meeting was deemed very successful and served several functions: it exposed ECSU’s program to a diverse audience, brought private companies to the campus that had never been before, provide ECSU students with opportunities to take part in the seminar and to interact with potential employers, and established or enhanced relationships that will be crucial in the future. Partners in hosting the meeting included the University, the College of the Albemarle, the Northeast Region, the Department of Commerce, and the Aerospace Alliance. ECSU will again host the first quarter Aerospace Alliance meeting in 2010.

    As a follow on to the successful Aerospace Alliance meeting, ECSU along with its partners are planning a seminar on New Space Commerce that will be held on campus in late September or early October. The scheduling of the seminar is timely as it will correspond to the offering of a new minor, Space Science, in Aviation Science. The intent of the seminar is to explore opportunities, and generate interest in commercial space business in North Carolina. Other states are already exploring these initiatives and it is hoped that the seminar will be a catalyst for the sector in the State, as well as an opportunity to showcase University/Private Sector collaboration. The seminar will include our allies from the Aerospace Alliance meeting and also experts and businesses from this emerging sector such as NASA, Virgin Galactic, and others.   


    For further information, please visit ECSU's website.