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    August 2009

    Economic Transformation

    UNC Asheville-City of Asheville Collaborative Strengthens Economic Competitiveness in Western NC

    The western region of our state can benefit from the development of new and emerging industries to create economic opportunities for the region’s citizens and businesses. These opportunities must be carefully developed, however, to ensure that they are consistent with and capitalize on the culture, rich environmental resources, and heritage of the region. 

    The UNC Asheville-City of Asheville Collaborative creates partnerships aimed at building capacity, addressing critical needs, and stimulating economic activity across areas of mutual interest. 

    UNC Asheville faculty and students work alongside City staff in five collaboration domains, including Environment, Climate, and Technology; Health and Wellness; Culture and Recreation; Economic Development; and Public Safety.

    Leveraging interdisciplinary approaches to civic engagement, along with expertise in service learning, undergraduate research and community-based scholarship, faculty and students assist the City in shaping innovative model programs to enhance the lives of citizens in our local and regional communities. 

    Two exciting examples of initiatives underway include the establishment of a Regional Sports Commission that will target competitive and recreational opportunities in which Asheville has traditional or emerging strength and the development of Multi-hazard Risk Tools that can assist City planners and emergency response personnel in making long-range and real-time decisions. The University and the City plan to sign a formal Memorandum of Understanding in a public ceremony later this summer.

    This collaborative fully engages the goals of UNC Tomorrow in enhancing the economic competitiveness of our state’s regions and the objectives of UNC Asheville’s Strategic Plan initiative.


    For further information, please visit UNC Asheville's website.