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Our Mission

The University of North Carolina is dedicated to the service of North Carolina and its people.  Our mission is to discover, create, transmit, and apply knowledge to address the needs of individuals and society. This mission is accomplished through instruction, through research, scholarship, and creative activities, and through public service. 

Our Charge

In order to fulfill our mission in today's 21st century knowledge-based global economy, the University should proactively anticipate and identify the needs facing our state both now and into the future, and to respond to those needs efficiently and effectively.

Our Commitment

 Through UNC Tomorrow, our University will not only become more responsive to the needs of North Carolina, we will also remain responsive so that we can continue to contribute to the positive economic and social transformation of our state.

Our Team

The work of this initiative was guided by a blue-ribbon Commission comprised of a host of North Carolina's community leaders and public servants, and driven by a Scholars Council made up of 14 of University's best and brightest faculty.  Most importantly, our work was significantly shaped by the public input we received from almost 10,000 individuals all across our state.

Our Results

The Commission's Final Report and Recommendations, unanimously adopted by the UNC Board of Governors in January 2008, continues to serve as our "road map" for steering the University toward fulfilling our commitment to the people of North Carolina.

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In The Spotlight

SPECIAL REPORT!! Economic Benefits in North Carolina of UNC Campuses (February 2012), prepared by Dr. Michael L. Walden, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor at NCSU and UNC Tomorrow Scholars Council member. Dr. Walden calculates that the total direct economic impact of UNC campuses resulting from the productive value of its graduates, spending by its out-of-state students, and federal and privately funded research by its faculty is $7.7 billion. Read more . . .

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