Scholars Council


The UNC Tomorrow Scholars Council

To ensure that we had the very best research, advice, and guidance, who better to look to than our own faculty.  Made up of 14 faculty members from across the UNC system, the UNC Tomorrow Scholars Council provided expertise and guidance to the University of North Carolina Tomorrow Commission and the leadership team at UNC General Administration.

Scope of Work

Our Scholars Council contributed significantly to the UNC Tomorrow initiative, including:

• Identifying Issues and Trends - Our Scholars researched and prepared “briefs” (white papers) on major issues and trends anticipated to impact North Carolina and UNC over the next twenty years, and advised on the implications of those issues and trends.  The Scholars research formed the foundation of the UNC Tomorrow Commission's work.  The Scholars Council also advised the UNC Tomorrow team at General Administration and the UNC Tomorrow Commission on the implications and ramifications of these major issues and trends, and guided discussions as to possible responses to those trends throughout the UNC Tomorrow initiative. 

• Facilitating and Analyzing Public & Faculty Input - The Scholars Council attended all 11 Community Listening Forums, facilitated in collaboration with SBTDC staff the small group break out discussions conducted during the forums, prepared written summaries of each forum, and analyzed and synthesized the voluminous comments and suggestions we received from the public to identify the major themes and issues expressed through the public input process.  The Scholars also attended and presented at 11 Listening Forums held across UNC's 17 campuses to ensure that we received input from our faculty and students.  The Scholars also prepared written summaries and analysis of these forums.

• Developing the UNC Tomorrow Survey - Along with the assistance of SBTDC, the UNC-CH Odum Institute, and the UNC-CH School of Government, the Scholars assisted in developing the online UNC Tomorrow Survey through which additional public input was received. 

• Advising the UNC Tomorrow Commission - The Scholars Council participated in all UNC Tomorrow Commission meetings, and their involvement was vital to the Commission's work.  Our Scholars presented their research and advised the Commission on the major trends and issues impacting North Carolina and UNC over the next twenty years and offered their assessments as to the implications of those trends and issues.  They also offered advice and recommendations on matters internal to UNC, such as academic planning processes and current barriers to stronger engagement by faculty and students, as well as trends in higher education such as innovations in teaching and learning.  Finally, the Scholars guided the Commission in its analysis and consideration of information received during the public input process.

 • Preparing the UNC Tomorrow Commission's Report and Recommendations - The Scholars Council prepared the initial draft of the Commission's Report and Recommendations, and guided and advised the Commission during its final meeting during which the Commission deliberated on and adopted the report.   The Commission's report incorporates not only the Scholars' research but also their thoughtful and deliberative analysis of input from the public, faculty, students and other stakeholders, and the Scholars' recommendations on how UNC can best respond to the needs of our state.


Our Thanks

The UNC Tomorrow Commission, the UNC Board of Governors, and UNC General Administration is indebted to the members of the Scholars Council for their extraordinary efforts and commitment throughout the UNC Tomorrow process.  They exemplify the very best that UNC has to offer our state through the immense talent and expertise of its faculty.  It is no exaggeration to say that, without the unparalleled contribution of the 14 members of the Council, the results achieved through the UNC Tomorrow initiative would not have been possible.