Public Input

One of the most important parts of UNC Tomorrow was the input we received from the people of our state which advised and informed our efforts to identify how UNC can best respond to the needs of North Carolina.  In total, we received input from over 10,000 people in a variety of ways:






  • Institute for Emerging Issues Business Committee on Higher Education - Through the IEI BCHE, we received the perspectives of our state's business leaders on what they need from our universities (click here for the BCHE's report)


  • Other stakeholders - Meetings and discussions were held with a variety of external stakeholders ranging from local government to non-profits; we also received valuable input from internal constituencies such as student leaders and the UNC Faculty and Staff Assemblies.


Reports and summaries of this input are available under the "Reports & Documents" section of this site.  Audio recordings and video highlights of the Community Listening Forums are available under the "Multi-Media" section.


UNC Tomorrow wishes to thank the UNC Tomorrow Scholars Council for their participation in and careful analysis of the public input we received.  A special acknowledgment is given to the Small Business Technology and Development Center for its efforts in developing, conducting and analysis of the survey and facilitating the Community Listening Forums.  Finally, UNC remains grateful to the people of North Carolina for their thoughtful and constructive comments on what they need from their public university which continue to guide and inform our ongoing efforts to respond to those needs.