The UNC Tomorrow Initiative is an on-going process.  Formally launched in February 2007, our work was divided into four phases.  Implementing the University's responses to the needs of North Carolina will continue long into the future as the needs of our state continue to evolve and change.
1)     Preparation                February – July 2007
Work with campuses to analyze what they are currently doing to meet present and future challenges facing our state and their region and how they identify those challenges; conduct internal review of existing resources; and synthesize and update existing reports and studies.
2)     Assessment                August 2007 – January 2008
Solicit input from people across the state through a series of 11 Community Listening Forums; solicit input from our faculty and students through a series of 11 Faculty Listening Forums; solicit additional input through conversations with business, nonprofit, community, policy, and governmental leaders to hear from them what they need from UNC over the next twenty years; Commission issues report and recommendations to the UNC Board of Governors.
3)     Response                    February 2008 – December 2008
Develop responses at the campus and system level to the needs of North Carolina identified by the UNC Tomorrow Commission's report and recommendations.  Campus and system responses should be focused to ensure that they are consistent with UNC’s mission as well as identify and address systemic changes to internal processes needed to ensure continued focus in future years. 
4)     Implementation         January 2009 – January 2012
Implement responses at the UNC and campus level by integrating responses into missions, programs, and curriculum, and assessing progress toward goals.