Changing Careers

North Carolina is experiencing an unprecedented demand for additional public school teachers. In fact, over the next ten years North Carolina public schools will need over 100,000 new teachers. This year alone, it is expected that more than 12,500 NC teachers will be hired.

Although the need is greatest in math, science and special education, it extends beyond this, with a demand for teachers in all grade levels, in all subject areas, and in all locales—from the quaint communities on our coast's Outer Banks, to the bustling cities of our central Piedmont, to the alpine villages of our western mountains.

While traditional teaching programs of colleges and universities in and beyond our state continue to help fill many new positions, these institutions cannot completely satisfy our urgent and growing demand for new teaching professionals. As a result, we need to look beyond the traditional sources.

We look to individuals with college degrees, military professionals and their qualified dependents, and the retirees who wish to either re-enter or enter the workforce. And we look to you in business industries to help us meet the need for new teachers.

As a current or former business, industry or military professional, you—in particular—can bring a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience to our state's classrooms. What North Carolina gives you in return is more than just a stable work environment, and competitive salary and benefits. It gives you the unique satisfaction that comes with serving your community, with preparing our youth to reach their greatest potential, and with shaping our future.

You will make a difference as a teacher in North Carolina. We hope you can join NC TEACH, an Affiliate NC TEACH Program or another Alternative Route to Teaching initiative.

The following are comments about changing careers from NC TEACHers:

 “NC TEACH seemed to capture the heart of what I wanted to do as a teacher. I had talked with some people who had been through it (NC TEACH) and found that it offers a great support system, even after graduates get through the program. It offers a very practical foundation for teaching, not just a theory.”

“NC TEACH provides a great crash course in getting mid-level professionals ready to step into the classroom. With that preparation, I entered the classroom with a behavior management program in hand and two months worth of lesson plans ready to go. It was a really good start.”

“You do work very hard. Teaching will challenge you intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I should have done this 15 years ago.”


North Carolina recognizes and rewards teaching excellence.

North Carolina salaries, benefits, and incentives are increasingly competitive.