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UNCC Launches New Charlotte Regional Indicators Website

From the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute:

New Charlotte Regional Indicators website offers comprehensive, easy-to-use data and analysis


The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute opens a new chapter today in fulfilling its forty-year mission of serving the Charlotte region with the launch of its new on-line Charlotte Regional Indicators website.

The Institute established the Charlotte Regional Indicators Project in 2007 to provide a data resource to  enhance the public's understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the Charlotte region.  This latest initiative of the Indicators Project moves beyond the old format of a printed report (which resulted in data becoming obsolete as soon as it was published), and uses web-based technology to provide regular updates of data as they are released. The enterprise has been in the works for over a year, and completes a promise from UNCC that the Urban Institute would be more proactive in helping public groups,  private organizations, and governments across the region have access to the critical information and analytics that they need to make informed decisions. 

Beyond gathering data from a range of sources and packaging it specifically for the Charlotte region, the site also offers commentary, analysis, mapping and context to help shed light on the trends and changes affecting the region's environment, economy and quality of life.  And it's more than just informative--it's easy to use, too.  The site is built to reflect the latest technology and design features in web based communication, Urban Institute staff say. 

In a new program born out of the Indicators Project, the Institute is now working in partnership with a growing number of local and regional agencies to pool data resources and create a central clearinghouse of local data and expertise.  The Regional Indicators Partners Program will dedicate special pages within the Indicators website to house data specific to each partner’s needs and the communities they serve.  Those pages will tap into the regional data resources of the Charlotte Regional Indicators Project, as well as contribute additional data for the benefit of all who use the website. 

The website is financially supported by an impressive array of regional and state-level  funders.  In addition to the annual, sustaining support of the Regional Indicators Partners, major funders include Advantage Carolina, Foundation For The Carolinas, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation. 

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