Contracts & Procurement

Password-protected pdf versions of the contracts are also available.  To request access, please login here.  If you have not yet been granted authorization, then you have the opportunity to request access. Please contact Lauren Connolly if you have questions.

Any Schedule executed hereunder shall be executed by one of the Constituent Institutions and any reference in this Master Lease or the Schedule or any attachment thereto to "Lessee" or "You" or "Your" or any other similar term shall mean only that Constituent Institution and in no way shall the University of North Carolina, General Administration be liable for any representation or obligation hereunder. The execution of a Schedule, which incorporates the terms and conditions of this executed Agreement shall constitute a commitment to lease the System.

Expiration: The Master Lease Agreement is perpetual. The "lease" entered into by the campuses will expire in accordance with the "Schedule" executed by that campus.

Contact Name: Fred Brackett
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