Contracts & Procurement

Password-protected pdf versions of the contracts are also available.  To request access, please login here.  If you have not yet been granted authorization, then you have the opportunity to request access. Please contact Lauren Connolly if you have questions.

The grant license terms are perpetual, with an annual renewal required. Funding under this grant is committed for a two (2) year period, with renewal by mutual agreement. Funding for the 2008 - 2010 period provides $600,000.00 for new software acquisition and $1,400,000.00 for renewal of existing software. It also provides Academic Professional Training, Self-Paces E-Learning classes, Academic Trainers Kits, SAS Data Set Library access, SAS Publications Professors Desk Copy Programs to qualified professors and instructors interested in teaching SAS, makes Curriculum Pathways available to any student in a college of Education (online partner for teaching the core curriculum), JMP Statistical Discovery Software, as well as collaborative SAS/UNC events. The estimated total value of the grant offerings for 2008 - 2010 amounts to $2,315,560.00.

Contact Name: Liz Riley-Young
Business Development Manager
Education and Medical Practice
World Headquarters
SAS Campus Drive
Cary, NC 27513
Phone: 919-531-0168
Cell: 919-649-0459