Contracts & Procurement

Password-protected pdf versions of the contracts are also available.  To request access, please login here.  If you have not yet been granted authorization, then you have the opportunity to request access. Please contact Lauren Connolly if you have questions.

Information Builders shall provide the professional services described herein and specified more fully in the Task Order(s) attached hereto and made a part of hereof (the "Services") to the eleven campuses listed in the Agreement. From time to time, the parties may agree to additional Task Order(s) that shall also, upon execution, be incorporated herein by reference.

Expiration: The Professional Services Agreement is perpetual. The Task Order includes an offer to provide a total of 758 hours of Professional Services at the rate of $125.00 per hour.

Contact Name: Dan Haug
Information Builders, Inc.
(and IBI's subsidiary, iWay Software)
Phone: 407-804-8000
Cell: 407-221-7354