Contracts & Procurement

Password-protected pdf versions of the contracts are also available.  To request access, please login here.  If you have not yet been granted authorization, then you have the opportunity to request access. Please contact Lauren Connolly if you have questions.

The Adobe reseller certificate was awarded to Computer Intelligence Association as per IFB#68-GAAS0717.  The discount will be 11.7% less currently published Adobe Retail Prices.  No restocking fee for returned software that has not been opened.

Expiration:  August 18, 2017- August 17, 2018 with two (2) one (1) year renewal options

Orders should be placed to authorized Adobe Reseller:
Computer Intelligence Association (CIA)
10425 Dalebrook Lane
Potomac, MD  20854

Contact Name: John Bowers
Phone: 877-843-2421
Direct: 301-762-1051