Fall Enrollment Reports

Fall Enrollment Reports

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Basic Reports: Campus and System Totals

Reporting Year
UNC Institutions
Type of Count

Special Populations

These options will allow you to customize your report by further restricting it to certain groups.
Note: Some combinations of categories will result in no report being generated, i.e. Graduate Students and Freshmen,
while others may result in hundreds of pages, i.e. UNC Total by Institution and All Students by Race and County/State of Residence. For an example of the impact of different options, click here.
Degree / Class Level
New Students
Degree-Seeking Status

Note: Post-baccalaureate certificate students are not included in the degree-seeking population. Post-master's students are included in the degree-seeking population.
Age Groups
Academic Load

Note: "Freshman" has a number of different meanings. To see the impact of various options, click here.
Distance Education

Note: This is distance education as recorded on the SDF. DO NOT use as a substitute for distance education data from the SCF.
Pipeline Students

Note: These are graduate students and upper-division undergraduates majoring in the specified subjects, or seeking teacher certification.

Institutional Summary Data
Annual and Ten-year views of the primary selections available. Note that this does not report on combinations of selections.
2014 UNC Summary in PDF format
2014 UNC Summary in Excel format
2013 UNC Summary in PDF format
2013 UNC Summary in Excel format
2012 UNC Summary in PDF format
2012 UNC Summary in Excel format
2005-2014 in PDF format
2005-2014 in Excel format
2004-2013 in PDF format
2004-2013 in Excel format
2003-2012 in PDF format
2003-2012 in Excel format
2002-2011 in PDF format
2002-2011 in Excel format
2001-2010 in PDF format
2001-2010 in Excel format
1991-2000 in PDF format
1991-2000 in Excel format
1981-1990 in PDF format
1981-1990 in Excel format

10-Year Tuition and Fees Comparison