Space Utilization and Analysis

Space Utilization and Analysis (Formerly NC Commission on Higher Education Facilities (HEFC))

The Commission was established by Executive Order in 1964 to administer the Higher Education Act of 1963 and served as a facilities information coordinating office and survey center for public and private higher education institutions throughout North Carolina. Incorporated into the division of Institutional Research in 2006, and renamed Space Utilization and Analysis, this unit provides direct technical assistance to campuses for collecting/reporting of facilities data; data search services, software, special analyses, and other requested data processing services; and assistance in responding to inter-institutional or national comparative studies and surveys.

The annual survey of space is designed to provide a snapshot of each campus's facilities inventory and is designed to allow anyone to view the building and room inventories of the 17 constituent institutions that comprise the University of North Carolina and the 58 campuses in the North Carolina Community College system.  Historical data for the 16 campuses is available back to the 2003 data collection period. Historical data for the community colleges is available back to 2004.

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