Initiatives & Services

UNC Identify Federation -  Each member of the University of North Carolina operates its own identity management infrastructure and assigns identity credentials independently.  However, many web-based applications need access to these independent authentication systems to provide services to UNC members.  Therefore, the UNC Identity Federation was created to provide this access in a secure way.

The UNC Identity Federation utilizes Shibboleth as a SAML 2.0 identity assertion service to enable users from one university to access information hosted by General Administration or any other university in the federation.  You may read more about this project and its implementation at

Inter-institutional Course Registration - A web-based system to facilitate inter-institutional registration in online courses for existing degree-seeking students within the University of North Carolina. This expanded course availability is designed to enrich the academic experience as well as provide flexibility in obtaining a degree.  This system was designed and implemented by Online Services and was the first application to leverage the power of the UNC Identity Federation.  To view the course listing or read more about the program please visit:

File Backup - The UNC Shared Services Alliance Hosting Service provides participating University of North Carolina System Campuses with core backup and data replication services of five critical data service areas within their campus. The critical data service areas are following:

  • ERP
  • Email
  • Web
  • Content Management
  • Portal

The Shared Services Alliance provides installation, upgrades, capacity planning, monitoring, and management of the disk based replication system for the critical file backups in a central hosted environment. For participating campuses, assistance in monitoring campus level backups scheduled to be replicated, can also be provisioned.

This service provides the reliability in having a second level of DR protection for recovering data already backed up on campus, in the event that the campus backed up data or critical server data is unavailable, no longer usable, or inaccessible due to an outage.