Information Technology (IT) provides information technology services to three primary constituencies, the management and staff of UNC General Administration (UNC-GA), the seventeen institutions within the University of North Carolina system, and the growing population of on-line and distance education students in NC.  These three roles require different methods to deliver IT services:

  • We serve UNC-GA by providing the typical IT support for workstations, networking, security, training, consulting, utility electronic mail, calendaring, and general availability of all support technologies.
  • We serve the constituent UNC institutions through coordination and collaboration, which results in the promotion and creation of a synergistic relationship offering a better suite of IT services than could be provided by an individual institution without benefit of the best practices offered by the others.
  • We serve the NC on-line and distance education students through the development and delivery of effective, reliable, and intuitive student administrative software applications.

Regardless of the population being served, or the IT services being provided, the management and staff of UNC-GA IT have dedicated themselves to the following principles in all professional efforts.

Guiding Principles for IT:

  1. We will be above reproach in matters of ethics, legalities, and professional conduct.
  2. IT staff understands that the perception of our service is as important as the actual quality of the service, so we will strive to be courteous and polite in all client contacts. 
  3. In return, IT management will provide the IT staff with a work environment that is collegial and respectful of individual needs.
  4. Our goal is to achieve excellence in everything we do and we will endeavor to exceed the expectations of our clients.
  5. Finally, in matters of our clients’ preferences, IT staff will offer its professional opinion on the best method for delivery of quality services but, if disagreements arise, the bottom line metric is that the end user is always right.